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Wednesday, July 19
FIELDSTONE FARMS - No games today
GRANNY WHITE -  No games today
BETHESDA -  No games today



Team Schedules: Updated 7/18

Monday Bethesda Men's 3A

Thursday Bethesda Mens 2A

Friday Bethesda Coed

Sunday GW Coed Bracket

Spring 2017 Standings



Priority Registration: June 16 - July 6 (returning teams only)
Open Registration: July 7 - August 4
Late Registration: August 5 - August 14 ($25 late fee assessed)
**All Registrations received after August 14 ($50 late fee assessed)**
Season Begins: Sunday, August 20
Coaches Meeting: Wednesday, August 16 @ 6:30 pm at the Franklin Rec Center
    - $465 Double Header Leagues at Bethesda/Heritage Park
    - $440 Double Header Leagues at Nolensville Rocky Fork Park - (Starts September 5)
- $515 Double Header Leagues at Fieldstone Farms and Granny White
Leagues/Activity Codes:
(To register for a league click on activity code)
- Sunday Bethesda Coed 5/5f - 9750
    - Sunday Granny White Coed 5/5f - 9751
    - Monday Fieldstone Farms Men's 3A - 9752
    - Monday Fieldstone Farms Men's 2A - 9753
    - Monday Granny White Coed 7/3f - 9754
    - Tuesday Fieldstone Farms Men's 4A - 9755
    - Tuesday Fieldstone Farms Church 3A - 9756
    - Tuesday Granny White/Fieldstone Farms Coed 5/5f - 9757
    - Tuesday/Thursday Nolensville Men's 3A - 9758
    - Wednesday Granny White Men's 2A - 9759
    - Wednesday Fieldstone Farms Men's 3A - 9760
    - Thursday Granny White/Fieldstone Farms Church 1A - 9761
    - Thursday Granny White/Fieldstone Farms Church 2A - 9762
    - Friday Granny White/Fieldston Farms Coed 5/5f - 9744
    - Friday Granny White Coed 7/3f - 9745


Free Agents

If you are new to the area, looking to join a team, looking to meet new people, or if you are just looking to have a little fun, please call Chris Podunajec at (615) 370-3471, ext. 2121 or e-mail You will be added to the Free Agent List that is distributed to all of the coaches.  There is no guarantee that you will be contacted by any team, but we will do our best to get you on the field.

Chris Gravlee
Adult Sports Coordinator

Chris Podunajec 

Assistant Adult Sports Coordinator
Interested in umpiring? Contact Chris P

Ph: (615) 370-3471 Chris G: ext 2114
Chris P: ext 2121 Fax: (615) 370-3474
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM




4A - 8 Progressive Home Run limit per game. Our most competitive leagues. HS Baseball / College           Baseball / Tournament Softball experience

3A - 4 Progressive Home Run limit per game. High - Mid level of play and competition.          HS Baseball / College Baseball / Softball experience

2A - 3 Progressive Home Run limit per game. Moderate level of play and competition.         Recreational league. HS Baseball and Softball experience

1A - 1 Home Run limit per game. Purely for fun. Our least competitive leagues. Little or no baseball or softball experience.

Coed Leagues: For all coed leagues the men are limitied to 3 home runs per game (unlimited for women).

Field Locations
Fieldstone Softball Complex
1377 Hillsboro Rd. (Softball)
Franklin, TN 37064
Map (driving directions)

Granny White Park
Granny White Pike  (Softball) Brentwood, TN 37027
Map (driving directions)
Fairview Ball Park
214 Hwy 96
Fairview, TN 37025
Map  (driving directions)

Fly Park 3680
North Chapel Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064 Map (driving directions)
Weather Hotline-370-0209
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